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Addressing all 3 major segments in Professional Hair Care

3 Brands that
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We believe there are 3 major segments in hair products; products that stop and prevent further hair loss, products that make your hair grow faster and products that are designed to heal and repair damaged hair.

For the past 13 years we have dedicated to sourcing the most powerful products to not only address these 3 segments, but yield permanent measurable results.

Newtrino Launch Video
As seen at the recent Tome Hair Show in July 2018
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For Hair Loss
Raphael Tome, a studying tricologist, immersed himself in the study to find a hair loss product range that addresses the latest and most aggressive 13 known contributors to hair loss. Raphael dedicated 5 years of intense research and development, backed and manufactured by one of the world’s most powerful hair loss manufacturers, to produce what he believes to be the most powerful product in hair loss today. Newtrino was officially launched in South Africa in July 2018, and has already taken the hair loss industry by storm. And our high sell-through percentages in the first 2 months are testament that Newtrino is a results driven product.
Quick Grow
Accelerated Hair Growth
Quick Grow was launched in South Africa in October 2015, and very quickly became one of the biggest brands in hair growth across the country. Today, Quick Grow is officially in the top 10 professional hair products on all major online platforms and hair salons nationwide. With exciting international expansion plans for 2019 including the UK, United States and Australia; we are dedicated to ensuring that Quick Grow will one day become the worlds most loved and results driven hair growth accelerators product ranges! Watch this space!
Advanced Healing Haircare
L’anza Healing Haircare are respected across the globe as the pioneers in healing hair technology since 1984. We pride ourselves in revolutionary technology that is responsibly sourced and ecologically conscientious to deliver unsurpassed results with extremely low impact on the environment. The treatment segment of our product portfolio is driven to using unsurpassed technology that uses skin graft technology, encouraging the hair to heal itself with groundbreaking biomimetic technology. The aftercare segment of our portfolio is dedicated to offering powerful protection and intense conditioning the hair between salon visits, and our color portfolio offers salon professionals the foundation and tools to achieve unlimited creativity while protecting the hair from damage.