Together we are...MakingSalonsProfitable.

Welcome to Tomé Distribution (Pty) Ltd. We offer professional hair salons 3 powerful brands
that address hair loss, hair growth and advanced healing hair care through a revolutionary platform
designed to make salons profitable. Some call it genius, we call it the Tomé Concept.

NEW Product Launch: Newtrino
As seen at our recent Tomé Hair Show in 2018.
Our Brands
Products designed to solve problems.
Empowering salons to solve the 3 key areas in aftercare; Hair Loss, Hair Growth and Hair Health.
Our Education
Advanced professional product training.
We empower stylists with unparalleled education, instilling confidence to consult, prescribe and solve problems with measurable results.
Our Services
Making salons profitable again.
Our revolutionary system is designed to offer salons all the products, treatments and professional stock at zero risk with all the reward.
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  • Products that Solve Problems
    We solve Hair Loss, Hair Growth and Hair Health

    Our ethos is to provide you with powerful products that we believe are the best at solving and addressing the 3 areas of concern; hair loss, hair growth and hair health.

  • State-of-the-Art Inventory Management
    No more ordering of stock

    Ordering stock and inventory for your salon is now a thing of the past. We handle all ordering, replenishment and delivery of products to your salon at no charge.

  • Marketing and Promotional Support
    Customer retention just got easier!

    Award winning design and marketing support to drive traffic into your salon and improve customer retention with the latest techniques in sales and marketing.

  • Sell-through Initiatives and Incentives
    Improving sales and turnover in your salon

    We support our salons with ongoing sell-through initiatives and incentives to improve sales and customer relationships.

What is the
Tomé Concept

The Tome Concept is designed for salon owners who see the futility in tying up financial resources into stock that sits on the shelf for up to 2 years or more. It is a system that removes all risk, and allows salons to generate a profit at no cost. With automatic weekly stock replenishment; sales potential becomes limitless. The more you sell, the more you make. Eliminate costs. Reduce inventory headaches. Increase your sales. Build relationships.

The Tomé Concept Explained
How it all comes together
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TC Stores across SA
And growing every day!
Powerful Brands
Solving hair loss, hair growth and hair care.
Salons Across SA
And still growing!
Specialised Team
We are driven to excellence and customer service.

Growing through

Partnered with industry leaders across the world, we deliver unparalleled education that is driven to making salons profitable and successful in everything they do.